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As one who was fully involved with the remodeling/renovation of our Clubhouse, I wish to present a short overview of the success of the project.

The prime motivation for the project was led by our Board of Directors and the Ad hoc Building Committee. Our Membership provided the authorization and the necessary funding.

A design team was developed by Mr. D. G, Granade, our General Contractor. Participation included all of the disciplines generally associated with a project of this magnitude -from architects and planning to construction. This concept proved to be extremely effective inasmuch as every phase of the project was professionally addressed.

Otesti-2cold-springs-golf-club-logof significant importance to our Membership was that, the final cost was within budget, and that the completion was within the projected time-frame.

I am pleased to report that our Membership are enthusiastic and boastfully proud at their new facility. We have received praise and congratulations from every segment of our community, and especially, from golfers throughout the area.

I would be pleased to recommend Doug Granade, General Con­tractor, for any project he may choose to pursue.

Laurence A. Toellner
Past President
Cold Springs
Gold & Country Club, Inc.