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Quality / Safety

Quality Control and Technology

Quality control, construction quality and safety are all the products of thoughtful planning which is put to use during the construction of the project in the field. We have chosen to address the construction quality in this section as it goes hand in hand with the site quality control. These processes are each ongoing, from start to finish, on every project.

The implementation of the construction quality is directly overseen in the field by the superintendent in the quality control aspect of the position. The superintendent is aware of every aspect of the job being worked on at any given time. This awareness allows him to be the first line of defense when it comes to quality control. Every subcontractor will have a preconstruction meeting with the superintendent and, if needed, the project manager to review their scope of work from start to finish. In this meeting, items such as materials selected, colors of materials, approved submittals, RFI’s, etc. are all reviewed with the subcontractor. During this meeting, it becomes apparent to the superintendent and project manager if the subcontractor has done his due diligence in reviewing the project plans, specifications and even their own submittals. This allows us to identify potential problems early on and address them prior to them becoming a problem.

It is inevitable during construction that something will change or not go exactly as planned. When situations such as these arise, the superintendent –being on site and knowing the goals of the project- is able to communicate directly with the workers and ensure the quality of the project continues to be met. This daily on-site presence of someone constantly looking at the quality of construction is, from our experience, the best method of quality control. Contrary to popular belief, most contractors we work with do not want to simply make a dollar at any cost. As a general contractor, our reputation is very valuable to us, and the quality of the product we produce is a direct reflection of that. Our team members, from office staff to field workers, know this and do everything they can to protect that reputation. Quality control, in any project, is one of our top priorities to ensure each project stays on mark.

Safety Program

The safety of the public, our workers and subcontractors, is our highest priority Safety is addressed initially through our company-wide safety plan. This plan encompasses most common safety issues, such as heat exhaustion, forklift safety, etc. From this plan, a site specific safety plan is developed in order to address the unique features of each site. Weekly safety meetings are held by every subcontractor on the site as well as with our own employees. These weekly meetings are supplemented with daily morning and afternoon meetings with our own crew to address any potential safety concerns for the coming work day. If a task requires specialized safety discussion, then we address this task with a task specific safety meeting. These meetings are often accomplished within 30 minutes. Other safety precautions include proper work attire, including boots, pants, hard hats and ear and eye protection when needed. We also conduct semi-annual reviews with our workmen’s compensation insurance provider, who visits all of our job sites and reviews our safety measures.

During various projects, we require an on-site safety officer. This project is acknowledged as being a project where we will have an on-site safety officer. This person is responsible for the overall project safety and will conduct task specific safety meetings with the responsible parties prior to the task being completed in order to assure that all safety precautions are met. The safety officer also writes daily safety reports and provides them to the superintendent to incorporate into the construction daily report.