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Bufferlands Building Project

General Contractor in Sacramento County
Contract Amount $1,000,000 - $5,000,000
Contract Type Public Bid
Completion Date February, 2016
Design Team County of Sacramento
Owner County of Sacramento

Project Detail

We worked successfully in completing this project with the County of Sacramento. The overall scope of work was to construct a new single story 5,020 SF office building with surrounding site improvements, including earthwork, grading, paving, landscaping, utility connection and storm drainage. The building is a structural steel superstructure with steel stud framing used at the walls. The exterior of the building used a combination of Metal Sales corrugated panels and Nichiha composite wood products at the walls and an 80mil PVC roof. The interior consisted of typical office finishes.

DGG crews were used to place all the concrete for the building, erect the structural steel and install the roof decking, install the pre-manufactured metal trusses, perform minor wood framing work, install the Nichiha Vintage wood panels and Nichiha Architectural large block panels, install the Metal Sales corrugated metal panels, and various other small tasks.